Change arrives when a new view of the world, of life... of the cosmos... of oneself... appears.


The possibility of a new and transforming experience!

There are millions of people throughout the world who are seeking, through new experiences, to bring more meaning to their lives, looking for an experience that will enable them to find what they feel already exists - a deeper connection to themselves and to life itself.

Ayahuasca International conducts many Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of ayahuasca throughout Europe and America.

We strongly recommend participating for at least 2 days and nights to ensure a profound and meaningful transformational process.

Ayahuasca International's unique approach combines the use of Ayahuasca and western psychotherapeutic techniques. We have found this combination to be astonishingly effective and transformational, as did most of the participants who have attended the many Inner Evolution retreats that are regularly held in different locations in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands.

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THE INNER EVOLUTION RETREATS THAT WE RUN PROVIDE A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE that is reaching thousands of people in many countries of America and Europe. The resulting activation of expanded awareness, the opening up of higher perspectives and the shining light on inner resources enables participants to find confirmation of the best solutions for their concerns and discover inspired answers to their problems.

The Ayahuasca International team offers Retreats with use of Ayahuasca, a powerful natural shamanic remedy from the Amazon jungle, which we use as a tool for the expansion of consciousness, together with a psychotherapeutic approach.

These RETREATS bring together people who are in search of personal improvement personal growth and transformation that happens through the evolution of consciousness; knowing that human development is not sustainable unless it is grown from and connected to the roots of your consciousness. This kind of human transformation goes to the depths of your being and is sustainable, held by itself, creating autonomy and trust in yourself and your ability to find your own inner resources.

The RETREATS we offer can be found on several Facebook pages and websites. They have been created by an interdisciplinary team lead by Alberto Varela, who from his great experience with psychotherapeutic use of Ayahuasca, now offer you a space to do your inner work with great intensity and depth. This is based on the premise that, confronted with the complexity of the problems we have, we must find massive and powerful approaches for their true resolution.

Changing directions, defeating resistances, breaking enslaving patterns, dismantling limiting structures, leaving behind the impediments, liberating repressed emotions, untangling knots, letting go of attachments and addictions, jumping from control into flow, utilising the potential we have… are just some of the objectives of this cohabitation, during which highly evolved psychotherapeutic techniques are used to support the transformational process with Ayahuasca.

THEY ARE CALLED “RETREATS” BECAUSE THEY ARE RESIDENTIAL and last a minimum of two days and nights, but also under exceptional circumstances, some of the retreats may be open for people to participate for one day and night. To participate you must arrive at 18:00 hours on your first day and stay overnight. Every day there are sessions with Ayahuasca being offered in conjunction with psychotherapeutic work, which is carried out before and after each session. The retreat will end on the last day after lunch (which is included).

In each different place we use different venues – all of them have a large hall where the activities take place and it doubles up as a large dormitory where participants also spend the night. Some venues also have private room facilities, if you’d like a private room please write letting us know (

When the encounter with Ayahuasca is open and sincere, the truth comes to light and exposes the lies we believed, enabling us to experience the ‘logos’.

“The principle of logos, the hidden harmony behind all change”

- Heraclitus


Three clearly defined stages of each day and night of the retreat


PREPARATION: We begin the preparation at 19:00 and go on until 21:00 or 22:00. Firstly participants are welcomed, individual registration is done with a very brief interview and your completed questionnaire (you will get this by email) must be handed in. The point of the preparation is to begin to deactivate unconscious mechanisms that can block your ability to access a state of flow and go into the ayahuasca in a relaxed way. Participants are invited to express their individual motivation and to reflect upon it. This is a psycho-emotional preparation and encourages each participant’s reality to surface. We do not prescribe any special diet or abstinence before the retreat because based on our extensive experience we have observed that participants benefit most when they go into the process in a natural and unmodified way, meeting the experience just as they are in their daily lives.

SESSION: This process lasts between 4 and 6 hours and takes place after the preparation. It consists of one full dose of Ayahuasca taken between 21.00 and 22.00. In certain cases, to access a more complete experience, one or two supplementary doses (boosters) are available an hour and a half after the session has begun. If a second full dose is needed this will be offered three hours after the first dose.

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian gift that is shared in these sessions at no cost whatsoever. Depending on each individual’s needs, the facilitator will determine the required dose. The participants’ input as to what dose they’d like to take will be taken into account by the facilitator in charge; however, the final decision will rest with the facilitator.

On rare occasions there are people that take part in the retreats who aren’t given Ayahuasca for specific reasons – the facilitator in charge takes these decisions – but it does not exclude the individual from the sessions. You can participate without taking or by taking a minimum dose. The core of the retreat isn’t based on “taking Ayahuasca” but on the transformative process of inner evolution that takes place.

THERAPEUTIC INTEGRATION: This is a fundamental aspect of the retreat, and it distinguishes Ayahuasca International from other organisations offering ayahuasca. The integration takes place in the morning after the Ayahuasca session. Breakfast will take place at approximately 09:00, and immediately after that the therapeutic integration session will begin. It goes on till 12.00 or 13:00. Each participant tells of their experience whilst the facilitator asks a series of questions that will in turn generate a deeper understanding, solutions and answers that can then be applied on a practical level to the participant’s everyday life.

In addition to this, there will be a summary of all internal matters that have arisen within the group. All matters and situations that manifest within each group provide very valuable learning and as such are worth mentioning so each member of the group can benefit as much as possible.

“Integrating” isn’t chatting, or collecting opinions about each experience. Neither is it an opportunity to give a word for word detailed account of your experience. It is about relating your experience from the ayahuasca session to everyday situations. In this way, each participant can see how any new learning and new experiences can begin to function and be incorporated into their day to day life. When this happens, they will be able to confront old problems in a new way, applying the necessary changes to their own responses and behaviours by incorporating their new understanding.


The type of people that attend this experience

The participants of these retreats tend to be people who want to initiate, strengthen or complete a process of change, healing or transformation. Understanding that access to Ayahuasca is a “process” and therefore if you want to have a full and complete experience that you can then consolidate during the therapeutic integration requires a minimum of 2 days and 2 nights. Other people just want an encounter with Ayahuasca, to explore its effects and experiment with it, to touch base.

The most common characteristic of participants in these retreats is the desire to bring a clear understanding to their lives or to a particular circumstance that they have to deal with, which can be difficult to process. Many people come to recover from traumas, free themselves from addiction or have a mystical or spiritual experience – like an astral trip. Many health professionals also assist alongside therapists and “Ayahuasqueros” that come to experience the phenomenon that draws together so many people, or to learn from the evolving psychotherapeutic methods used at Ayahuasca International.


The way in which we use Ayahuasca

Many groups around the world use Ayahuasca in many different ways – for purposes that are religious, spiritual, recreational or anthropological. The residential retreats offered by Ayahuasca International are focused on its therapeutic application for internal evolution, personal growth and development. To facilitate this goal we share a series of psychotherapeutic approaches, group dynamics and psycho-emotional exercises, all of which serve as preparation for and integration of the Ayahuasca experiences offered. All activities are aimed at a conscious awakening that enables you to overcome limitations and motivates the transformation of feelings of all that is rejected and perceived as a problem.

Living and sharing as a group (we call it “co-habiting”) encourages lots of personal internal opening which exposes deeply held patterns and feelings that can then be identified and attended to – it's true beauty is in the magic that allows what is hidden to spontaneously erupt.

Free dance, No-Therapy, Family Constellations, Emotional Unblocking, Bio dance, Systemic Movements, Meditations and other therapeutic dynamics and integration games are just a few of the practices undertaken in these retreats, subject to the content of what arises and the need that comes from each group. WE DO NOT FOLLOW STRICT PROGRAMMES; WE FLOW CREATIVELY IN EACH MOMENT.


Those responsible for accompanying the experience

The facilitators in charge of the retreats are professional and fully experienced.  They are part of an international team and are constantly training, visiting Shamans and updating their skills by taking part in private retreats for their own further awakening – a laboratory in which the proposed tasks are constantly perfected. The participants feel they’re in good hands.

The Ayahuasca International team counts with facilitators, therapists and collaborators from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Great Britain, Belgium, Bosnia, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela and Germany. On occasions we bring Shamans from the jungle.

These retreats are guided and supervised by a minimum of three facilitators who have great experience with Ayahuasca and dealing with the situations that arise for participants.

The founder and coordinator of the group, Alberto Varela, director of the most visited Internet site worldwide dedicated to Ayahuasca and founder of the first European School of Ayahuasca. Alberto has been initiated by Shamans in the Amazon were he’s been visiting the jungle for over 15 years, learning and connecting with the healing energy found there. He has lead Ayahuasca sessions for thousands of people and organises Ayahuasca retreats internationally. He is the spokesperson for the 2015-2016 INTERNATIONAL AYAHUASCA tours that take place throughout Europe, America, South Africa and the Middle East.

As of 2014 Alberto has retired from the position of giving Ayahuasca, this task is performed by the group of facilitators employed by Inner Mastery International S.L.U and who have been previously trained in their school. All facilitators are constantly supervised. The training programme that Alberto devised for the team of facilitators allows them to go beyond techniques and consists on learning how to use Ayahuasca as a tool for understanding that can be left once your proposed goals have been reached.



Basic information needed before encountering the experience

The ayahuasca that we use is an indigenous ancestral remedy of premium quality and great purity, which is of crucial importance to achieve a meaningful process from your experience. It is brought over from the Colombian Amazon jungle by our team and has been prepared by Shamans in its place of origin from freshly cut, aged plants with a masterful and traditional formula having nothing added or taken away from it. We consider it dangerous to take equivalent plants or those with added boosting agents. The purity and quality of the Ayahuasca is fundamental to the processes and experiences we offer and support.

Ayahuasca was discovered by shamans from the Amazon jungle thousands of years ago. It is a liquid decoction combining two plants which turn into a ‘tea’ or syrup with the consistency of honey. The visionary and curative properties of this remedy have granted the plant with the name ‘master’ because it teaches, demonstrates & clears. It is also called a “power” plant as it cleans, cures & liberates.

For centuries the indigenous Amazonian people have used it to maintain a state of full health and to prevent illnesses. They take it every week or 14 days to maintain a state of physical wellbeing. It is also used to have an experience of expanded consciousness that brings about a very clear understanding of life, nature, and existence that translates into great understanding, learning and wisdom and all of this can be applied to day-to-day decisions.

When you undergo a physical and emotional cleanse (in the majority of cases it produces vomiting and/or diarrhea) the mind is cleared to allow a deep understanding of many circumstances and situations that we cannot normally get to grips with because our system is so full of toxins. In addition to this it has antidepressant qualities and an anti addictive effect. It is a health bomb on every level and connects with spirituality that serves us so we can let go of any religious doctrine or beliefs that don't serve us.

Even though many people who take it endure physical and/or psychological illnesses, the majority of those that take it throughout the world don’t do it in order to heal or cure diseases, they do so to find meaning in their lives and guidance for their path. It can also raise existential questions and unleashes great creativity that can then support them in their everyday work.

It is also referred to as a “psychotherapeutic potion” as it is used for multiple purposes. It is a comprehensive all round remedy on a corporal, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. It also integrates and boosts other therapies, techniques or approaches that are being practiced. It is not incompatible with any other technique the person is using or practicing.

WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR THE AYAHUASCA but for the work accompanying it and its psychotherapeutic supervision, for the accommodation and food and for the transportation of the facilitators from the country they reside in.

WE DO NOT SELL AYAHUASCA, those who want to purchase it for personal use will be redirected to our recommended suppliers in the Colombian Amazon jungle, as it is safe to take it homoeopathically or in micro doses.

WE DO NOT WORK WITH AYAHUASCA BUT WITH CONSCIOUSNESS. Ayahuasca is the tool par excellence that we use to awaken the consciousness of the human being. Ayahuasca is a biochemical trigger that begins a process of “becoming aware” but is not the focus of the work we undertake.

We also use the spoken word, which can be very beneficial and when done appropriately it goes very deep, to guide the participant to become conscious of not only their limitations and but also of their true potential.

Ayahuasca is not forbidden by law in the places we use it to fulfill our work. In some countries, like France, it is banned, however in many other countries (including Mexico) it is not, although it’s use is frowned upon and there is often a push for it to be forbidden – yet there are no legal fundamentals to prohibit it whatsoever.

“The experience” is actually an encounter with the potential of opening up and becoming free... To be ourselves


The obvious results are the best recommendation letter

The decision to have a minimum experience of two nights and two days was made as a result of both our observations and feedback from the participants. Two days and nights allow the work to be truly effective and profound. Many participants confirm it’s “surprising”, the first day and night serve to make an initial connection, helping them to “touch base”, to create an opening and build trust. The second day and night is when the really profound result is produced.

The majority of people that attend our retreats for the first time understand the importance of completing the whole retreat but they only become aware “afterwards” and confirm that had they left after just one night they would have missed out on the experience as the real depth takes place the second night.

It’s much more significant to experience a process of two days and two nights than it is to have many sessions scattered over a number of months.  The “concentration and intensity” factor in 2 days and 2 nights allows you to access much deeper levels during the experience and to reach those hidden inner spaces.  It’s even better when participants stay for 3, 4 or more nights.


People from many countries confirm that experiencing both contact with Ayahuasca and with the AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL TEAM has been one of the most enriching and unforgettable experiences of their lives.

The company that manages the administration of these events is: INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL S.L.U.    NIF: B87071205

An invoice for the money paid will be made to whomever you specify, be it business or personal. Please send invoice details to:

If the retreat is cancelled for any reason your money will be returned. If the participant cancels their reservation the deposit paid will not be returned.  50% of that deposit can be used for a new reservation. If the participant signs up for the 2 or more day options and decides to withdraw beforehand the money deposited will not be returned.

After reserving your space we will confirm your booking and closer to the date of the retreat you will receive instructions and recommendations as well as a form you need to fill in – it is very important that we are made aware of the condition of each participants health and the reasons they wish to try Ayahuasca.


Do not hesitate to ask us about anything that is not clear, any queries, any specific instructions or any limitations you have before participating in this experience, contact us at:

“Those of us who work in these retreats have seen in our own lives the power of this experience”

The largest community/organization dedicated to the international expansion of psychotherapeutic work with Ayahuasca.